High Performance Web Development

Learn how professional web developers build fast websites. Gain a deep understanding of pagespeed optimization.

I'm a business-focused web-developer with hundreds of projects under my belt.

There's a ton of web developers out there competing for the same work.

Luckily for me, many developers don't understand how to stand out:

"I have 6 years of experience with HTML and JavaScript."

So does everyone else!

Be the obvious winner

Pagespeed is a concept that many web developers avoid. Most don't understand it and they don't prioritize it.

Professionals really care about performance optimization.

Focusing on problems that a business will understand is a winning strategy. No one wants a slow website, especially businesses.

  • Slow websites appear cheap, no matter what the website actually looks like.
  • Slow loadspeed reduces conversion rate, which increases the cost of marketing and SEO operations.

Here's a great addition to your pitch:

Your website will load quickly and impress your users because I'm an expert in performance optimization.

Future-proof your development skills

One of the important things a web developer should understand is how specific coding decisions impact the loadspeed of a webpage. Valuable web-developers balance pagespeed with user experience.

Instead of focusing on auditing report metrics, this course will teach you lasting development skills by focusing on how pagespeed actually works.

You'll gain a deep understanding of why specific optimizations result in performance improvements. Most importantly, you'll learn how to optimize a website without killing the user experience!

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